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Botox is a toxin that has been studied and used as early as the 1970’s, it was initially used the treat crossed eyes but during studies it was discovered that the solution made a huge improvement for facial wrinkles. After injection the toxin works by effectively paralyzing the muscles that contribute to lines and wrinkles, this process can take unto 2 weeks.


The main areas for Botox treatment include, Glabella (frownlines), Orbicularis Oculi (CrowsFeet), Frontalis foreheadlines).


​Botox is a powerful part of the beauty and anti agiing industry, its proven track record puts it at the top of all anti-ageing treatments. Alongside the upper face, botulinum toxin can be used to treat other areas such as neck lines, jawline, gummy smile, facial slimming and excessive sweating.



As your skin ages it loses collagen and elastin. These elements are vital in giving the face the structure and support it needs to stay looking young and fresh. As the face loses volume it can cause the cheeks to become sunken and “Jowls” can appear. Sun exposure, stress, pollution and smoking can also add towards premature ageing of the skin.


Dermal fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) such as Restylane, Juvederm and Belotero are used to enhance and sculpt the face; they are also an effective treatment for deep lines and volume loss. They are a temporary non-surgical solution to achieve younger looking skin. Fillers can be used to restore volume and contour. Common treatment sites include nose to mouth lines (naso-labial folds), mouth to chin lines (marionette lines) cheeks, lips, jawline and tear troughs (eye bags, dark circles). HA Acid fillers last on average 6-9 months but can last longer when using premium products.


Sunekos is an revolutionary new treatment for the face, neck, décolletage, under eye and hands.


Sunekos works by increasing cellular regeneration. It's formula is made up of hyaluronic acid and amino acids, this is injected into the dermal layer of the skin which in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, this process is called biogenesis or as we like to call it... fountain of youth


Once treated clients can expect:


  • reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • skin tightening,
  • increased volume
  • lightening of pigmentation 
  • improved eye bags and dark circles
  • hydrated skin


To get optimal results a course of 3-4 will be recommenced by your practitioner. A single booster treatment should be performed every 6 months for long lasting results




WOW fusion is an innovative needling device.


What is the WOW Fusion?


WOW fusion is an innovative needling device that allows the practitioner to create bespoke skincare cocktails in the little glass vial that is ideal for yourskin care needs. A truly tailored signature service.


The needle head contains 20 titanium 24K gold plated needles each being 0.13mm in diameter. As they are so thin, they make a small trauma without the pain. They also have a small spiral groove on the outside of the needle that allows product to flow down and into the skinto the epidermal / dermal junction.


What are the Results?


The WOW fusion gives you fantastic skin. You get the benefit of microneedling with the addition of mesotherapy. The micro needling helps stimulate collagenand elastin for a more youthful looking skin andthe WOWfusion serum hydrates, brightens, stimulates and improves the texture and tome of the skin. The results last for up to 3 months from one treatment. Now that’s WOW!

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