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Skin is the largest organ of the body and its never been more important to look after it. Clients of Reflect Aesthetics often ask, what is the best treatment for my skin? The answer will vary depending on your concerns. From peels to microneedling, we can tailor your skincare package to your needs.



Dermaplaning is a skin treatment involves using a sterile blunt scalpel on the whole face to remove vellus hair (facial peach fuzz), dirt and dead skin cells.


It's an extremely popular facial treatment that immediately brightens the skin and creates a more radiant appearance.


Dermplaning can also be used in conjunction with Micro Needling and Chemical Peels. 


The latest technology in skin remodelling and rejuvenation.


Microneedling uses multiple needles that penetrate the skin at a vertical plane up to a depth of 0.5-2mm depending on area treated This is in turn stimulates the dermal processes leading to skin tightening and remodelling. As opposed to dermal rolling, micro needling gives much better results, minimal epidermal damage, less pain and less downtime.


Microneedling works well for:


:: Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation

:: Acne scars and wound healing

:: Fine lines and wrinkles

:: Minimising pore size

:: Improving stretch marks



We use a variety of skin peel brands, each of these can be tailored to individual clients needs. Essentially skin peels involves applying different acids to the face to remove dead skin cells and promote new cell growth. Peels come in different strengths and are categorised by superficial, medium and deep. They have a proven safety record and can be used to treat many skin ailments such as:


:: Pigmentation / sun damage / age spots 

:: Acne

:: Open pores

:: Uneven skin tones

:: Fine lines and wrinkles



Here at Reflect Aesthetics we use a range of professional products to help you achieve the very best from your skin. Our facials consist of:


:: Double cleansing 

:: Hyaluronic Acid / Toner

:: Painless enzyme peel to lift dead skin cells

:: Repeat Hyaluronic Toner

:: Serum for ultra hydration / Vitamin C Mask / Retinol


Other products can be added to your facial to address your skin needs.

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